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  1. Nice start in blogging.

    I think being regularly up to date will makes the visitors to come to your blog regularly.
    Thanks for Edublogs challenge that made it easy to bloggers know more about each other and share their thoughts.

    This visit has been made under (student challenge week 3 lets-visit-and-comment) post.

  2. Hello my name is Kyle. I am in 3rd grade Mrs Brooks class at Mullen Hall school. My favorite sport is Baseball and my hobbies are running around and playing out side. I hope you get lots of more coments from

  3. Dear class,

    My name is Science Girl Em and I live in Kansas. It is 2 hours to get to Wichita, and 3 hours to get to Kansas City. Those are the closest big cities to where I live. It is a 12 hour drive to the nearest ocean. I have never seen the ocean but I would like to be a marine biologist or a chemist or a major league baseball player.

    I am a country girl, and don’t feel comfortable in the city. What is it like visiting New York and Philadelphia? I think it would be different for you if you came to visit me in the country. My town has 900 people and our school is so small we have two towns that share the school. But we are friendly. You should come see me sometime!

    Bye, Science Girl Em (aka Emily)

    1. Dear Science Girl Em,

      What an excellent blog post! Your teacher should be very proud. I think it’s great that you are a country girl. Why do you love the country? What makes it special to you? What do you think we would enjoy if we came to visit you? If you came to visit us we would keep you very busy!

      I think it would be interesting to find more of the differences and similarities between living in the country and living in the suburbs of New Jersey. Have you ever been to a city? It is very exciting and there is so much to do.

      Would love to hear from you again.

      Mrs. Jundef

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