So we are a little behind but this week we participated in the Week 9 Challenge.  Unfortunately we were only able to each comment on one site.  The students enjoyed reading what others had to say.  They did have some difficulty when asked to properly comment.  We’re working on it!  By leaving quality comments you are becoming part of a global audience.  Your opinions are being shared with anyone who views that blog.  By choosing websites that are in different countries, we are making sure that we are being heard around the globe.

Here are the blogs we commented on.

South Korea

New Zealand









Our Photo Post

We had trouble with this assignment.  The students found it very frustrating to limit their search.  But they did understand why it was extremely important.  Of the 8 submitted images, only these were actually usable under the creative commons attribution.  Did you have any trouble with this challenge?  We would love to hear from you.

photo source

by Benny Geypens


“>Creative Commons License
This work is licenced under a Creative Commons Licence.
One of the first computers in the world.

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Our class loves sports.  They were so interested to hear about all the different sports around the world.  What is your favorite sport?  Take our poll so we can decide which of our favorite sports is your favorite too!!!!!  If your favorite sport is not listed then you can add it in on the bottom.


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